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Agreement For Installation Of Electric Facilities


The undersigned, in consideration for Northeastern REMC (hereafter “NREMC”) installing certain underground electric facilities which I have requested, does hereby agree as follows:

 1. I/We warrant that I/we am/are the owner(s) of the premises identified by the following address:


2. I/We will be responsible for:

  1. Clearing a pathway for any underground facilities which will be a minimum of 14 feet wide;
  2. Any costs associated with relocating existing facilities;
  3. Re-establishing final grades after settling (NREMC will perform the initial backfill);
  4. Any loss or damage resulting from the need to remove any landscaping in the path of
  5. Any costs associated with the installation of the new underground facilities in accordance with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Rule 25. These costs are shown below.

3. I/We agree to execute a standard NREMC easement form for the primary line as soon as it is prepared and presented for my/our signature(s), and that of any co-owner of the property.

4. I/We agree to indemnify and hold harmless NREMC, its employees, agents, and independent contractors, from any and all claims, judgments, damages, or loss of any kind, including the costs of defense and attorney’s fees, resulting from the damage or loss of any underground property of whatever nature caused by NREMC in installing the requested facilities, except for:

  1. Any such property the existence and location of which I have notified NREMC on the date of this Agreement, and which is noted below 2; and
  2. Any facilities owned by entities which responded to the NREMC locate request pursuant to the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Act.

I have read and understand all of the terms and conditions stated above, and execute this document with the knowledge and agreement that its terms are a fair consideration for the service which I have requested.


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