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NEST Thermostat Rebate Program

As part of our ongoing effort to offer first-in-class solutions to our members, we have partnered with Nest, makers of the Nest thermostat, to bring a cutting-edge approach to load management and energy efficiency.

Nest Smart Learning Thermostat
The Nest is an ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat that can help you save energy in your home. Smart thermostats differ from regular and even programmable thermostats by learning your behaviors and adjusting automatically to maximize your energy usage.

Heating and cooling is the largest energy consumer in your home. If you're not home during the day, leaving your thermostat too high in the winter and too low in the summer is a big waste of energy.  A Nest thermostat also allows you to control the climate in your home remotely and shows your energy consumption in real-time.

Discover how a Nest thermostat can help you be smarter about your energy use and can save you money by making your heating and cooling system more efficient. You’ll need WiFi capabilities to take advantage of all the below features and to participate in our rebate program:

Nest remembers what temperatures you like and builds a schedule to match – no need to program manually.

Adjust the temperature or your home’s schedule from your phone, tablet or laptop.

The Nest thermostat turns itself down when you’re gone, so you aren’t heating or cooling an empty home.

See when your system was in use each day along with how much energy you used throughout the month.

Northeastern REMC's Program
During periods of peak electric usage, load management programs allow us to reduce demand on our own system, which can ultimately reduce power supply costs. Load management programs are voluntary and provide incentives for those who choose to participate.

Purchasing a Nest Thermostat
Nest Gen3 and Nest E thermostats may be purchased from Northeastern REMC by simply stopping by our office M-F, 7:30-4:30.  Payment is required at the time of pickup.  If stopping by our office is not convenient, call our office and we can ship the thermostat direct to you for an additional $10 with a credit card payment.   You must meet eligibility requirements to purchase Nest thermostats from Northeastern REMC.  (see eligibility requirements below)

Purchasing a Nest thermostat from Northeastern REMC requires installation and enrollment in the Rush Hour Rewards Program within 14 days.



  Nest Learning Thermostat Nest Thermostat E
Retail Cost $249 $169
Instant Rebate from Nest $50 $20
Total End Cost: $199 $149


How the "Rush Hour Rewards" Program Works

  • Program runs from June 1 through September 30
  • Northeastern REMC will only operate Monday-Friday, no weekends or holidays
  • Operating times will be between 2 pm and 7 pm
  • Maximum operating time will be 4 hours for any event
  • One hour prior to operating, Nest will "pre-cool" your home, (if you keep your thermostat normally at 70, Nest will drop the temperature to 69)
  • Once the event has started, Nest will raise the temperature of your home by 3 degrees (if you keep your home at 70, Nest will raise it to 73)
  • If the temperature in your home goes beyond the 3 degree rise during the event, your air conditioner will operate to keep you comfortable.
  • If during the event you want to opt out, you can override the event by setting your thermostat to the desired temperature.
  • Northeastern REMC plans on operating the thermostats a maximum of 10-12 times through-out the season (depending on weather).
  • You will get at least 2 hours advanced notice before an event.

Each energy rush hour can last up to four hours. There will be no more than one rush hour event a day, and there will never be more than five rush-hour events per week.

Whether you purchase a Nest thermostat from Northeastern REMC, or already have a Nest thermostat, you are eligible for the Rush Hour Rewards Program.  Simply sign up by clicking on the icon below.  At the end of each cooling season you may be eligible to receive a $50 bill credit.


Join Rush Hour Rewards


  • Must have WIFI capability.
  • Must be a Northeastern REMC member on our residential rate.
  • Open to both new construction and existing single family homes.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Have a central air conditioning unit.

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