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Restoration Priority List


Recent Power Outages

Electrical "BLINKS"

In the event of an outage affecting numerous locations, we attempt to use the following as a guideline to base restoration priorities:

1) Individuals on life support
2) Northeastern’s substations
3) Three phase lines
4) Single phase lines
5) Individual locations

The Steps to Restoring Power
Thunder and ice storms, tornados and blizzards. Electric cooperative members have seen them all. And with such severe weather comes power outages. Restoring power after a major outage is a big job that involves much more than simply throwing a switch or removing a tree from a line.

The main goal is to restore power safely to the greatest number of members in the shortest time possible.  The major cause of outages is damage caused by fallen trees. That's why electric cooperatives have ongoing right-of-way maintenance programs.

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The Steps to restoring power illustration

Who repairs this? Illustration of Meterbox to house knob equipment is the homeowners responsibility.

Courtesy of North Carolina's Touchstone Energy cooperatives.


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